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From: Barry Perkins

Hello,  Welcome to CBBot.com.  Being a long time member of ClickBank, I have always found it hard to find the right products to promote using the ClickBank MarketPlace.  So I decided enough was enough!! I worked 15 years as an "Automation Analyst" for a large non profit organization and was barely making ends meet, so I turned to ClickBank to help earn some money.  Easy to understand the concept.  Sign up with ClickBank, find products in their MarketPlace that you would like to sell, create affiliate link, and promote.  Very easy to understand, much harder to implement.  First of all, the ClickBank Marketplace is hard to deal with, you cannot find products easily, you type in one search term and get a lot of other products that are not even related to your search.  You sort by Gravity and again it brings back totally unrelated products. 

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So CBBot.com will promote your affiliate URLs FOR YOU!  That's Right! Built into the site is OUR unique system that will promote your favorite URLs for YOU!

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CBBot.com will continue to improve and add to the members area to increase value for members.  If you have any questions, concerns, problems, or apprehensions feel free to contact me day or night, or use the "Contact Us" link above.

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Barry Perkins

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"CBBot cuts the product search time I would normally spend on Click Bank significantly. The site is easy to use, simple to navigate, and lets you quickly sort and hone in on high converting products with high commissions.  This is a great site! Thank you for developing this outstanding tool."

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I hate endorsing this site cause now everyone will be using it :-) I won't have a competitive edge while looking for clickbank products in my chosen niches. I was even able to find niches to build from just using the tools within the site. I thought this would sell for hundreds of dollars. Figuring my time at $35.00 an hour I've made my monthly fee  price many times over already.
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